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19 Mar, 2007

The product does not work at all.

  1. Have you read the Quick Start section?
  2. The free license runs locally or on http://localhost. Do you run ICsuite on your domain name without a valid license? Get a trial license here.
  3. Do you have the latest version of Input Components Suite?
  4. Does JavaScript option in your browser is enabled?
  5. Does ICSuite-2.x.x.js is in the <body> section?
  6. Does ICSuite-2.x.x.js is declared before ICSuite-2.x.x-custom-setting.js in your page?
  7. Does ICSuite-2.x.x.css is declared in the <head> section of your page?
  8. Are you sure that you well defined the path used by the browser to load the JS files?
  9. What is your charset? You must include the good language definition file depending of the charset that you use for your application. See XXX.
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
  10. Send an email to the support team to get help.

The product does not work anymore.

  1. Your trial license have expired. Get a valid one here.
  2. You may have a javascript error in ICSuite-2.x.x-custom-setting.js file or any other class definition that you have done somewhere else.

I don't see the graphical helper images.

  1. The path in ICSuite-2.x.x-custom-setting.js maybe not well defined.

Take a look at Users Guide for detailed reference.


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