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Input Components Suite Installation & Integration
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12 Apr, 2007

Downloading Input Components Suite

Be sure to have the latest version of Input Components Suite. You can download it on here. A free registration is needed to access to the download section. directory structure
Input Components Suite distribution directories /documentation/userGuideContains documentation files, including the one you are reading.

/examples Contains real-world examples to get quickly started with ICSuite and see it in action. We also share a part of our quality assurance tests in order to offer the widest possible range of different examples.

/WiseBlocks_resources/ Contains css, images and JavaScript files needed by ICSuite. ICSuite-2.x.x.js is the core file of the product.

/WiseBlocks_resources/js/languages Contains languages file that can be used by ICSuite.

You will notice that javascript and css file names are composed of the current version name. This is mainly done in order to prevent caching problems when updating to a newer version of ICSuite. Users browsers may keep old versions of javascript files in cache, that would lead to unpredictable and difficult to reproduce errors. However, as file names are unique per version, such problem will not exist.

Also, based on our previous experience, we believe that such naming convention facilitates code maintenance and reduces human error risk.

The easiest way of installing ICSuite would be to copy /WiseBlocks_resources directory into the root or any other directory of your web application. We recommand you to preserve the current structure. Although it is possible to split /WiseBlocks_resources and place images, css and JavaScript files wherever you like, we do not recommend such approach as it makes version update more complicated.

Then, import ICSuite-2.x.x.js, ICSuite-2.x.x-custom-settings.js, ICSuite-2.x.x.css ICSuite-2.x.x-predefined-masks.js files into your web page.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 
href="[/path/]WiseBlocks_resources/css/ICSuite-2.0.8.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="[/path/]WiseBlocks_resources/js/ICSuite-2.0.8.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="[/path/]WiseBlocks_resources/js/ICSuite-2.0.8-predefined-masks.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="[/path/]WiseBlocks_resources/js/ICSuite-2.0.8-custom-settings.js"></script> <!-- Optional: [/path/] is a relative or absolute
path to unzipped "WiseBlocks_resources"-->

ATTENTION, depending on where you place /WiseBlocks_resources and what is the URL of you page, you might need to specify ICSuite images path. If you don't see the graphical helper icons use the setImagePath method to specify the good path.

Absolute path example

Relative path example
The default value for ImagesPath is "WiseBlocks_resources/img".

How to get and use a license?
Get your license in My Licenses module. The product is free to use for developpers and testers with the license available bellow.

To use ICSuite with your domain name you need to buy a license. Once you have it replace the free license with the new one in ICSuite-2.x.x-custom-setting.js
IC.MasterDecorator.acceptLicense("Your License");

Next steps

Read QuickStart Guide to become operational with ICSuite in 5 minutes and take a look at Users Guide for detailed reference.

InputComponents are trademarks of WiseBlocks. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.