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Input Components Suite Advanced Features

Cursor On Focus

Select All
All data in the input field is selected.
The cursor is always positioned at the beginning of the field.
The cursor is always positioned at the end of the field.
Before Decimal
The cursor will go before the decimal when the user click on the input field.
First Empty

If empty or completed the cursor goes at the beginning otherwise it is positioned at the end of the uncompleted entry.

Focus On Action
Advanced Numeric Control
Spinner & Calculator

Use both Spinner and Calculator for the same control.
Advanced Date Control
Spinner & Calendar
Use both Spinner and Calendar for the same control.
Autoresize* and align properties
Numeric input

No more time consuming resizing input fields.

Text input
Create easily professional forms. Align is set to center in this example.

Input Components Suite is compatible with all these technologies!
Microsoft .NET Java PHP Rails ASP Cold Fusion Perl

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