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Q. What is Input Components Suite?

A. The Input Components Suite is a highly customizable set of intelligent components used to preset masks, enhance and decorate input fields in a web form. The suite is composed of height controls: ICTextMask, ICDateTimeMask, ICCalendar, ICNumericMask, ICCalculator, ICSpinner, ICFormulaCell and ICDecorator which offer top-of-the line features like pre-formated fields, editmask support, hint-boxes, keyboard support, copy-paste support, pop-up and dropdown graphical helper and more!

Our components are non-intrusive and compatible with all server-side technologies and frameworks. It is a pure JavaScript library that can be integrated in a few seconds. The suite supports major popular browsers.
Q. Is it really free for developers and testers?

A. Yes, Input Components Suite is not protected when it is running locally (without a web server) or on http://localhost or
Q. What are the limitations of the 30 days trial version of Input Components Suite?

A. There are no limitations. It is the same product. We are providing a 30 days trial license that allows using all Input Components Suite functionalities. After that you just have to add a valid license to continue using the suite. For more information about prices.
Q. Is there real world examples available?

A. Yes, you can find ready to use examples in the examples directory of ICSuite. You can see the same examples online in the documentation center. QA Tests & Examples
Q. Input Components Suite supports which browsers?

A. The suite supports the main browser and browsers. See the table below for detailed information.

Browser compatibility
  Win 98 Win 2000 Win XP Win Vista Mac OS X
IE 7.0.* n/a n/a OK OK n/a
IE 6.0.* OK OK OK n/a n/a
IE 5.5.* OK OK n/a n/a n/a
Firefox 2.0.* OK OK OK OK OK
Firefox 1.5.* OK OK OK OK OK
Firefox 1.0.* OK OK OK OK OK
Opera 9.* GF GF GF GF GF
Safari 2.0.* n/a n/a n/a n/a GF

OK Fully compatible and tested by our QA team.
GF Graceful Fallback mode. IC Suite deactivated.
n/a Configuration does not exist.

ICSuite automatically detects the browser and deactivates the inoperate functionalities (graceful fallback). Our priority is to garantee you a bug free product for your web applications.

Q: What does graceful fallback mean exactly?

A: It means that if your browser does not support some features required by Input Components Suite to run correctly, it will not instrument input fields, thus keeping the web application operational in classic mode, with standard web inputs. All other browsers not contained in the list above are covered by our graceful fallback system.

Q. What are the advantages of using Input Components Suite?

A. Here are the main advantages:

  • Reduce risk of date entry errors.
  • Ergonomic advantage over competitors.
  • Meets end user expectations of AJAX/Web 2.0 tendencies.
  • Wow-effect and improved overall user experience and productivity.
Q: Does 1 year of updades include only bugfixes or also major evolutions and new components

A: The update program includes all new versions of Input Component Suite for a full year. We plan to add plenty of new components in the near future.
Q. What technologies can be used with Input Components Suite?

A. Input Components Suite can be used with pure HTML or any dynamic HTML tool. (Java, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, Trails, ColdFusion, etc.)
Q. Do I need to know JavaScript to use IC Suite?

A. Not at all. You just need to import the ICSuite.js file and add class names to your components. Consult Quick Start documentation to get examples and code snippets.

Q. Is it possible to define my own masks?

A. Absolutely. The product is meant to do that. We propose a rich collection of masks with the product but you also can create your own. Consult the Users Guide to get examples and code snippets.


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