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This edit mask component is used for numeric data. The value is right-justified and you can format the mask to have a thousand separator. It is userful for large numbers or small numbers quoted to a high number of decimal places. You can either use the pre-defined formats available in the ICComponent Suites version or create your own to cover your specific needs.

Imperial Numeric Mask

Try the examples beside.

  • Choose your separator
  • Choose to have the negative number in red
  • The decimal places can also be formatted
  • Type any forbidden caracters (letters, symbols...), and activate an pop-up error message below the input field.
  • The number turns red for 20ms when you reach the limit defined by the mask
  • Create dynamic masks and provide options in a dropdown list
  • Combine it with rich controls such as a calendar or a spinner

    Consult the Users Guide for more information.
Variable Masks

Long Numeric Mask

High Precision Mask
Metric Numeric Mask

Numeric Mask Calendar

Numeric Mask Spinner


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