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Wiseblocks is a leader in the development of web form components.  Our aim is to help companies taking the Web 2.0 orientation by providing easy-to-use components.

Our main product is Input Components Suite, a highly customizable set of components used to preset masks, format, enhance and decorate input fields.  The suite is composed of height ccomponents: ICTextMask, ICDateTimeMask, ICCalendar, ICNumericMask, ICCalculator, ICSpinner, ICFormulaCell and ICDecorator which offer top-of-the line features like pre-formatted fields, edit mask, hint-boxes, keyboard support, copy-paste support, popup graphical helpers and more!

Our team has been repeatedly praised for being professional, reliable, and attentive to client needs. We take pride in a job well-done and customer service is always a priority.

The company has been founded in 2006 and is based in Montréal, Canada.


InputComponents are trademarks of WiseBlocks. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.